Author: Leah Bartlett

5 Write-In Tips

So you’re having a write-in. That means you’ve either found a write-in or located a fantastic coffee shop somewhere to go sit with other like-minded individuals who have one singular goal of putting words on the page. Great! Now what? Here are some great tips: Atmosphere Is Everything So you’ve decided to leave the comfort of your home to go out and socialize in silence with others. Every writer has their favorite place to nest while they write. Write-ins are no exception to that rule. Speaking of rules, make sure to keep these three in mind. Choose a spot...

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NaNoWriMo KickOff: The Case of the Missing Writer

The month of October is lovingly known as #Preptober to writers and authors around the world. Anyone in on this remarkably open and supportive secret society of writers recognizes this exciting month as the month to prep and get your outline out of the way for November. So now that that is out of the way, we’re kicking off November strong with a word sprints, wars and outright competition among our writers!   You Should Be Writing! No really, you should.   If you’re not in on it yet, well, you should be. National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo...

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Campfire Chat: Productivity Tools

As Freelancers, we often wear many hats. Being a solopreneur can feel very lonely but we at The Freelance Association work on the foundation that We are in business for ourselves but not by ourselves. With that in mind, we have put together a list of resources that we shared with a group of Freelancers at #Freecon this morning during our Campfire Talk about Productivity! Project Management Software   Track Hours   Bids   Design & Social Media Tools  ...

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Customer Service, Facebook & Freelancers

  Just think about this: When a Consumer chooses to purchase an item or service they go through several steps. To explain I’ll tell you a short story. Sally knew her mother in law was coming in town and just had to mop her new hardwood floors. She just got brand new wood flooring and she doesn’t want to damage them by using the old harsh mop she’d had for years. So, she pulls out her phone and googles Hard Wood Floor Cleaners and finds 12 options. One of them has a Facebook page that she visits. When she...

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Social Media Etiquette For Freelancers

  How do you go about promoting your business without sounding like a car salesman and driving your potential network away?   One Line Gimmicks Unless there is a specific request for your skill set, there is no right time for this type of response. Don’t just post in a group, on your FB Business Page or elsewhere with one liners or gimmicky responses.   “Contact me for all your development needs. “ “I do graphic design for this sort of thing. DM me for more info. “ “Need copyright work for your next project? Contact me.”   These...

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