Author: Samantha Fagan

Zero to Freelance in 60 Days: Week 8

Week 8: Apr 6-Apr 12 The projects are slowly trickling in to the point where I thought I might actually break even in May (that didn’t happen). Overall, Week 8 was a slow week. Yes, I was responding to emails; yes, I sent 7 proposals; yes, I had a few prospecting calls. In general, I really started learning a lot after the first 60 days of freelancing. On April 14, I started TFA’s Jumpstart program and really got serious about the business. I can’t recommend the Jumpstart program enough. Not only did I build a community of other freelancers...

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Zero to Freelance in 60 Days: Week 7

Week 7: Mar 30-Apr 5 This week was hard. As business owners, I feel like we place a lot of emphasis on “yes”. We’re coached to tell a client what we can do instead of what we can’t. We’re taught to re-imagine failure (which could be interpreted as a form of “no”) as “falling forward.” We all know that believing we can do something is often the determining factor in accomplishing it. But sometimes we just need to say “no.” And sometimes that’s really hard to do. I was in talks with a small start-up to do some ongoing...

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Zero to Freelance in 60 Days: Week 6

Week 6: Mar 23-29 I’ve realized that maybe this nervous feeling—this wondering whether or not I’ll make it—that maybe it isn’t going to go away. Maybe this is what every leader, every boss, every CEO deals with every day when they wake up. Maybe even they have to give themselves a pep talk every morning. Maybe even they have to remind themselves that they have worth and capabilities and unique things to offer. Maybe they don’t. Maybe at some point, you stop doubting yourself and worrying about failing, but I’m skeptical. For now, I am getting up every morning...

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Zero to Freelance in 60 Days: Weeks 3-5

Weeks 3-5: Feb 26-Mar 22 I will hereby refer to these as the Lost Weeks. They were consumed with packing and packing and cleaning and moving and more cleaning and unpacking and SXSW and unpacking and painting and more cleaning. Phew! The good thing about freelancing is that I was able to take this time. The bad thing is that, of course, there was no steady paycheck. New Goal: Monthly, recurring income stream that’s mostly passive.         There was still progress with the business, though. Most notably: 1. All my LinkedIn recommendations were submitted. I’m a...

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Zero to Freelance in 60 Days: Week 2

Week 2: Feb 19-25   Last week ended on a strong note with Creative Mornings and a call with a potential client, but when Monday morning rolled around, a sluggishness brought on by self-doubt dampened my spirits. Can I really do this? Can I do this successfully? Will people hire me? When will people hire me? Will they all try to negotiate on price? I also found myself wishing I either a) was partnered with developers who know more than me so I never have to turn down a project or b) could code everything in the whole world...

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