Week 1: Feb 11 – Feb 18

1. Joined a coworking space!

Vessel CoworkingI need people. It took some stupid Facebook quiz to get me to realize that going into an office every day and seeing the same people actually excites me. I feel like I should’ve known that after 32 years. I’ve tried the coffee shop thing, and while I think it’s really nice for shops to have free WiFi, I find it awkward to work there on a regular basis. Having worked as a barista only reinforces my belief that freelancers need to join a coworking space. (Boy, do I have anecdotes.)

So I’m trying Vessel Coworking for the remainder of February because they’re the closest to my current home, aren’t that expensive, and have really cool standing desks. Oh, and they serve Cuvée Coffee. 🙂


2. Emailed every friend in the design, dev, or tech field and asked if their companies need a freelancer.

Result: So far….nothin’.

3. Met with Emily Leach to see if she had interest in helping me start Freelancers Create.

Result: Our first meeting is Monday, April 6!

4. Wrote a proposal for an interested client.

Result: Proposal accepted! Check for half of the estimate received!

5. Emailed former clients for LinkedIn recommendations.

Result: They said they would but haven’t yet.

6. Applied and interviewed for a part-time design job.

I thought it’d be a nice way to have some recurring income. They seem to want someone who can go full-time in 90 days, so I probably won’t get an offer, but it’s always good experience to interview.

7. Launched DiscussionDinner.club

Side projects keep me motivated right now.

8. Attended a Freelancer’s Union Spark event focused on growing your client base.

It was so helpful. There were more than just design freelancers, too! There was a writer and a videographer and a translator and a photographer and a developer in addition to a few designers. It was nice to connect for the collaboration possibilities.

Some ideas to try:

  • Find companies whose websites suck. Write letters (yes, snail mail) to the CEO explaining how you can help.
  • Reach out to the ad/design agencies in town. (is there a list somewhere?)
  • Check out the Gigs section of Craigslist, Group Talent, gun.io.
  • Attend Meetups of business-types that you want to pursue.

Emotions Wrap-Up:

  • Motivated!
  • Productive!
  • Nervous!
  • When am I gonna get my first client check??