Week 2: Feb 19-25


Last week ended on a strong note with Creative Mornings and a call with a potential client, but when Monday morning rolled around, a sluggishness brought on by self-doubt dampened my spirits. Can I really do this? Can I do this successfully? Will people hire me? When will people hire me? Will they all try to negotiate on price? I also found myself wishing I either a) was partnered with developers who know more than me so I never have to turn down a project or b) could code everything in the whole world with accuracy and efficiency. I was very very thankful that I had an office to get me out of the house and focused on something productive.

Creative Mornings Austin

Creative Mornings Austin


1. Applied to five gigs on Craigslist.

Result: No response

2. Heard about GroupTalent.com in the Spark meetup last week, but it seems to only be focused in San Fran, NY, LA, or Boston.

3. Applied on gun.io. We’ll see if I’m accepted; it seems to be more developer oriented.

Result: Still processing

4. Met with a freelancer who wants to focus on sales instead of building sites, doing social media, or SEO. We discussed partnering.

Result: Nothing yet.

5. Had a really encouraging meeting with Matthew Slimmer. He’s been successfully freelancing for years, and we discussed small business steps like filing for an LLC, digitizing receipts, keeping track of deductions, and connecting with agencies.


  • I set up a separate checking account and applied for a “business” credit card so I can keep track of purchases much more easily.
  • I’m going to try using Mint.com to keep track of my deductions.
  • I’m testing out two apps (Shoeboxed and OneReceipt) to keep track of my receipts.

6. Made my first rate sheet! I didn’t even know what a rate sheet was, but it really helped me focus on the services I’m going to advertise and my initial price points. I plan on adding this info to my website soon.

7. Using feedback, also, from the Spark meetup last week, I successfully negotiated a payment plan with a client who initially asked for free work! That felt good. Since they are a bootstrapping start-up, I offered them a discounted rate for three months. Win-win.

8. I am in talks with two potential clients from the Austin Freelance Gigs Facebook group. Join that if you haven’t yet!

Biggest thankful: my coworking space

Biggest lesson: keep the money separate

Emotions Wrap-Up:

  • Encouraged
  • Determined
  • Steady


photo by CreativeMornings Austin @Flickr