Week 6: Mar 23-29

I’ve realized that maybe this nervous feeling—this wondering whether or not I’ll make it—that maybe it isn’t going to go away. Maybe this is what every leader, every boss, every CEO deals with every day when they wake up. Maybe even they have to give themselves a pep talk every morning. Maybe even they have to remind themselves that they have worth and capabilities and unique things to offer. Maybe they don’t. Maybe at some point, you stop doubting yourself and worrying about failing, but I’m skeptical. For now, I am getting up every morning and doing the following:

  • Take five deep breaths
  • Forgive myself for the mistakes of yesterday
  • Set my intention to be empathetic or genuine or whatever I need to remember that day
  • Remind myself that I have skills and abilities to offer the world today

1. Scheduled professional headshots!

I hadn’t had professional photos since high school, and the more I met other professional freelancers, the more I felt like I needed up upgrade my image. Plus, I just chopped my hair off, so I really needed some short-hair pics. I was introduced to Photos By Betsy, fell in love with her style, and booked her. Best decision ever.

2. Sent out 5 proposals: won 2

One from the Austin Freelance Gigs site and one from an agency contact.

3. Watched Things No One Tells You About Getting Started. (It’s free)

Biggest thankful: A photographer who made me, a non-Texan, look good in bluebonnets.

Biggest lesson: Don’t stop believin’.

Emotions Wrap-Up:

  • Tentatively excited
  • Trying to keep positive