Weeks 3-5: Feb 26-Mar 22

Sam Fagan at SXSW 2015I will hereby refer to these as the Lost Weeks. They were consumed with packing and packing and cleaning and moving and more cleaning and unpacking and SXSW and unpacking and painting and more cleaning. Phew! The good thing about freelancing is that I was able to take this time. The bad thing is that, of course, there was no steady paycheck.

New Goal: Monthly, recurring income stream that’s mostly passive.





There was still progress with the business, though. Most notably:

1. All my LinkedIn recommendations were submitted.

I’m a big advocate of recommendations. They’re trust builders, especially if the names are recognizable. Eventually, I will put some recommendations on my website, but for now they live on LinkedIn. I also wanted to reach out to my previous clients to let them know I’m still alive and designing. Now that they’ve written me a recommendation, they’re more likely to remember me the next time they need something.

2. I volunteered to co-lead Freelancer’s Union Austin Spark.

Even though I can’t believe I took on another responsibility, this monthly event has been such a positive experience for me. These meetings have such great, practical information, like how to do your taxes and what to include in your contract and how to negotiate rates and grow your clients base. Plus, it’s nice to meet freelancers in other industries. Sometimes, I call it the Freelancers’ Support Group.

3. Texas Freelance Association launched!

A great organization, led by great people. As I will explain more about later, attending one workshop (or the Jumpstart series) makes the membership fee worth it.

4. Moved Freelancers Create to start in April.

A key part of successful freelancing is knowing when to say “no.” There just wasn’t enough time to publicize these Meetups in April. I needed to focus on other things, and that’s okay.

5. 5 more proposals sent. 1 won.

Biggest thankful: my friends who helped me pack and move all my crap

Biggest lesson: when I’m overwhelmed, I shut down

Emotions Wrap-Up:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Tired