A mechanic shop is quite possibly the last place I would have expected to learn a lesson or two on business that would apply to freelancers, but nevertheless it happened.

Over the past 24 months I’ve had a ton of work done to my vehicle (3 transmissions and a “new” engine to be precise), which means there has been many opportunities to meet and work with a few mechanics. As a woman, this is rarely a positive experience, but this past week was amazing. Why do you, a freelancer, give a crap about my mechanic experience? Because it could change the way you look at your business!

Typically freelancers get in to the rut of doing everything they can to look and feel like a credible business. They create strategic branding, find a business market for their service, build a website and so on … but the real business is to find the biggest pain point of your industry and fix that. Let me explain.

As a woman dealing with a mechanic it is customary to be treated like I know nothing about a vehicle. As a person with a vehicle with a problem it is customary to receive really poor customer service by mechanics. What is the biggest pain point for that industry? Treat every customer the same, with respect.

Imagine this experience next time you take your vehicle in to the shop: Receive a full overview of what to expect from the shop (i.e. communication, timeline, process to determine the issue as well as do repairs), multiple calls keeping you informed of status, when you call in any member of the staff can answer your question within seconds, three levels of staff must review and approve the work done, and they openly take full responsibility if something was overlooked during their work … and they are respectful and courteous the entire time.

That is exactly what my experience was like, and I now want to shout it from the rooftops to everyone! What would your business be like if that is how everyone who worked with you felt?

I didn’t realize it until this morning, but I have actually done this exact thing in my freelance business. A couple of years ago, I saw that the biggest pain point for people having simple websites designed wasn’t price, it was the learning curve to be able to maintain their own site afterwards. LIGHT BULB MOMENT! I now create a simple video library for each client showing them how to do basic maintenance on their website based on their theme. It takes me less than an hour to create and has brought in more referral business than anything else I’ve done.

What is your industry pain point?     Fix it.