free·lanc·er: (noun.) an individual with skills for hire by time, task, or contract, without the commitment of employment to any one company or client.
See also: Solopreneur, Entrepreneur, Independent Professional, and Gig Worker

Whether you’re planning to start your freelance business, you already have a side hustle, or you freelance full time, The Freelance Association can help. We understand the hurdles you face. We were founded as a non-profit organization in 2015 by a group of passionate freelancers dedicated to helping others jump start, grow and run a business successfully.

We focus on four core strategies:

  • COMMUNITY – Freelancers come from all backgrounds and experiences and work in all industries. We have a robust community of people just like you. These folks are willing to share, encourage, commiserate, and offer advice on just about any topic. Our Facebook and Slack groups are active and give you a place to start with questions.  Do you feel like you need accountability? We offer mentoring matching and mastermind facilitation.
  • EDUCATION – Our expert educators are the core of our education platform. As specialists in their industry, they will share their time and talent with you in the form of webinars, in-person seminars, blog posts, white papers, online courses, podcasts, and e-books. Most offer discounts on their services, too!
  • EXPERTS PROFILES & JOBS BOARD – Chances are you’re looking for a gig. We work with companies and recruiters to post jobs—sometimes before they’re announced elsewhere. We also showcase your profile so hiring decision-makers can find you based on your skills and portfolio. We can even help you polish it so you can put your best foot forward.
  • BENEFITS – Freelancing can be scary. You’re walking a tightrope without a net. We connect you with health insurance options, co-working, travel discounts, hardware & software deals, office supply resources, printing, shipping, and much more. Our team always welcomes suggestions for how to support our tribe. On our radar? We’re working on health club discounts, food delivery, mobile phone deals. If you’ve got an idea, let us know!