The Texas Freelance Association is a support system for freelancers that provides a community of peers, qualified mentors, and a voice of advocacy.  We help freelancers optimize their profits, avoid burnout and other pitfalls, clarify their identity, and jumpstart their business. Through in-person events, one-on-one and group educational opportunities, and peer-to-peer support, we create cohesion for the freelance community.

Our outreach to local businesses will help create jobs for freelancers and encourage overall economic growth for the freelance sector.  The Texas Freelance Association also uses a statewide network of chapters to provide a sustainable, local anchor alongside a fun and creatively driven, safe space for freelancers of all experience levels.

"free·lanc·er an individual with skills for hire by time, task, or contract, without commitment of employment to any one company or client."

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You’ll instantly join a robust network of freelancers of all types.  By uniting with other freelancers from around the State, you will create synergy that leads to prosperity for all those who want—or need—to live the freelance lifestyle.

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Our mission

  • Create a Community

    It is no secret freelancers earn more money and have more fun when they have a vibrant community to be an active part of. TFA is committed to facilitating a safe space for freelancers across the State of Texas to connect and grow together.

  • Help Freelancers Grow

    Freelancers need the same level of business education and resources larger businesses have access to. TFA is committed to finding and offering education that fits in to your busy schedule with an online training library, webinars and live workshops.

  • Support Freelancers

    It can be difficult to evolve your freelance business to the next level without support and guidance. As a TFA member you have access to a mentor and speed coaching through our affiliation with the Austin Coaching Coalition.

  • Have Fun.

    Freelancing is best known for its ability to offer a lifestyle that is fun, TFA is here to support that too. Check out the event calendar for a Happy Hour in your neck of the woods.

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