Austin Freelance Gigs is Born

January 13, 2014

This Facebook group became the home of one of the best local online community for freelancers Austin has ever seen. In a matter of weeks this group went from conception to freelancers finding more work and connecting companies to a solid resource.

Why Isn’t there a Freelance Conference?

July 8, 2014

What would happen if we pulled together a larger group of freelancers, some top-notch facilitators all in one fantastic room for an entire day?  Emily Leach decided to find out, the next few months would be life changing for her and Texas freelancers.

The Meeting That Started it All

September 30, 2014

It’s obvious there is a need for a more formalized organization to support freelancers … Emily Leach decided to stop talking about it and make something happen!  She invited eight people across the city of Austin to talk about what an association would look like, we have lift-off.

So Who’s In?

October 21, 2014

After a couple intermediate meetings we know who is in for the long haul: Aaron Bramley, Scott True, Shelley Delayne and Emily Leach are left standing.

The Definition of Freelancer

October 21, 2014

free·lanc·er    n. an individual with skills for hire by time, task, or contract, without commitment of employment to any one company or client.

This Organization Has a Name

October 28, 2014

It is amazing how knowing you have a name makes everything you’re working seem more “real”.  Today was the day the State of Texas reserved the name Texas Freelance Association, we now have 120 days to create our bylaws and submit for state non-profit status.

Brand Proposition

November 6, 2014

What a fabulous process of taking the vision and soul of four people dedicated so profoundly to the creation of a community with a purpose. We took this exercise seriously and came out with a clear understanding of what our true mission was. The Texas Freelance Association ensures the prosperity of all Texas freelancers by providing the mentorship, community, and advocacy for the freelance community.

What Bylaws Are Made Of

November 19, 2014

It’s a tedious process, but extremely useful as we move forward. Deciding who we are as an association and how to function … the government calls them bylaws, we called them the rules that keep us in order through the chaos.

Building Our Foundation

December 3, 2014

Structurally we have a foundation now … we move on to the guts of what this association stands for.  Shelley Delayne takes the lead on building mentorship program, Aaron Bramley grabs the reigns of the advocacy program, Scott True is the power behind curating an education program and Emily Leach takes on overall organization and membership.  We have our initial leaders in place and marching orders to create … let the fun begin.

Our Programs are Taking Shape

December 17, 2014

In just two short weeks we have lift-off. Aaron has started compiling a fantastic list of freelance friendly businesses in the Austin area to start talking. Shelley has enlisted Laurie Leiker for the mentorship development committee and has an outline of how her program will look.  Scott now has Jay Matthew on board to create a monthly Q&A event with the first 7 months of content designed!  Emily has our paperwork moving through the process for state submission and a draft membership program to build on.

Kicking off 2015 With a Board Retreat

January 2, 2015

So much to do we decided to implement the “board retreat”. An entire day together flushing out details and crossing them off. How many events we will have this year, when we will kick off and who is going to take what role and so many other details who would want to read them all? The important thing is February 27th is going to be a BIG day for freelancers in Texas.

We’re Officially a Nonprofit Organization in Texas

January 14, 2015

On this day the Texas Freelance Association officially became a non-profit in the State of Texas … now to head for 501c3 status.

We Have Rules and Numbers!

February 11, 2015

You can feel the excitement in the room of this board meeting as we all gather to finalize and approve the 2015 budget and bylaws. You could say we’re all pretty excited and proud of ourselves, this is definitely a milestone!

Launch Party

February 27, 2015

Preparations are complete … official logo has been released … people are excited … it’s time to show this association off, what better way than with a party? From noon -2 pm at Flying Saucer Draught Emporium in Austin Texas history is being made with the launch of the first association dedicated to the success and growth of freelancers

Our first Jumpstart Series

April 14, 2015

Our first Jumpstart Series that is designed to teach freelancers the essentials of running their freelance business started today. We have 8 students taking advantage of the program being held at Orange Coworking in south Austin one day a week for the next 6 weeks.