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Branding Your Freelance Business

When you’re setting up your new freelance business, should you use your own name or a business name? We all go through this same predicament as we try to decide the ...

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The 2016 State of Freelancing

Freelancing as a long-term viable career option is becoming more widely accepted. With an estimated 55 Million Americans taking advantage of contract work, that translates to 35% of the total ...

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How to Succeed in the Gig Nation

Freelancer, contractor, solopreneur, entrepreneur, or simply part of the gig nation. However you describe yourself, you’re part of a huge economic and cultural shift. It’s been estimated by the U.S. ...

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Become a Freelance Writer

There comes a time in every writer’s life when she’s tired of sitting at a desk working for The Man and she wants to escape to the Land of Freelance, where she can ...

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Customer Service, Facebook & Freelancers

  Just think about this: When a Consumer chooses to purchase an item or service they go through several steps. To explain I’ll tell you a short story. Sally knew ...

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Social Media Etiquette For Freelancers

  How do you go about promoting your business without sounding like a car salesman and driving your potential network away?   One Line Gimmicks Unless there is a specific ...

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Why Social Media Is Important for Freelancers

  While it is one of the most prominent aspects of our business it is often times subject of the most anxiety and frustration for new Freelancers. Most don’t think ...

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Copyrighting Code: When Oracle Took on Google, and (Mostly) Lost

Federal copyright law has existed in largely-unchanged form since October 1976, the last time Congress undertook a massive reform of our copyright system. To put that in a bit of ...

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TEXAS FREELANCE ASSOCIATION APPOINTS NEW BOARD MEMBERS; EMILY LEACH AS NEW EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AUSTIN, TX, April 8, 2016 – The Texas Freelance Association (TFA) announced that as of March 15, ...

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The State of TFA – Birthday Bash Recap 2016

The State of TFA – Birthday Bash Recap 2016 On February 26, 2016 we celebrated our one year anniversary with a party and a LOT of huge announcements. In case ...

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