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Pixel Perfect Pitches

Crafting the perfect pitch is hard - but doesn't have to be. Join Chelle Honiker for a tour of the pixel perfect pitch - all the elements you need and some you've never considered. You'll learn how to pre-qualify your prospect using questionnaires, and then draft the deal-closing proposal.

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How to Wear (and Use) 17Hats

Freelancers have precious limited time to manage their business. They wear many hats --- at least 17 of them. Luckily, there's a genius little program by the same name that can streamline their business tasks and automate the steps from lead to paid invoice. Join Chelle Honiker for this tour of and the features […]

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Crafting the Ideal Blog Post

Everyone has some vague notion that they should be blogging, but why? And what should be included in a post? Join a panel of professional bloggers and hear their thoughts about what to include from a content, SEO, marketing, and branding perspective. You'll learn what they say is the 'gold standard' for blog posts and […]

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