Getting involved as a member is the best way to get completely immersed in your new community. It also lets you have a voice as to how this association grows.  We have a number of teams you can volunteer for including:

  • Expert Educator – apply to become a noted expert – our members are at all levels in their career and always wanting to connect with people that can help them start, grow or run their freelance business.
  • Blogger – We welcome submissions from members and non-members. Read the guidelines here and get in touch with our content manager if you have an original post to share.
  • Ambassadors – Spread the TFA goodness! If you’re in a meetup or group be sure and share the benefits of being a member of TFA. We can give you talking points, too!
  • Mentors – We’re always looking for the best and the brightest to bring up the next generation of freelance professionals. Don’t think you’re ready? You probably are – and we can help.
  • Channel Managers – Hang out in Slack all day? How about Facebook? We’d love to have another set of keyboarding fingers to help us direct traffic, answer questions and keep our members happy.

If you see a way to get involved, let us know!

Get involved without a membership. We also understand that you may not be a fit for membership at this point but still want to help our members. Think about becoming a mentor, support with a financial donation, or keeping an eye out for volunteer needs.  Do you have a skill our members would benefit from learning?This is truly a membership organization, which means we are all a part of designing and building our association to be one-of-a-kind.