Mentorship is not merely advice.

It is a mutual commitment between two people, based upon mutual trust and a commitment. The commitment of the mentor is to provide advice and help to the mentee with the mentee’s best interests in mind. The commitment of the mentee is to be ready to listen to the advice and take the help and act upon it. The currency of the mentor/mentee relationship is personal satisfaction and shared accomplishment.

A “mentor” is a person who has had professional and life experience that can be used to help others learn and develop. The mentor is willing to share these experiences in a manner that the mentee can react to and understand.

A “mentee” is a person who receives the help and assistance of the mentor. The mentee is willing to be engaged and respectful of the mentor’s time and accomplishments.

Mentorship That Fits You.

As freelancers not many of us fit in to a standard “box”, we believe the way you need help is no different. We have created three different ways for you to gain the support you need, ranging from group accountability groups to coaching to one-on-one mentoring.


Attend an accountability group, called a Roundtable, to let your peers hear your goals/stumbling blocks and let them help.

Request a Mentor

As a TFA member you can work with a mentor to have someone you can confide in, ask questions and learn from.


Attend a speed coaching session, bring your current roadblock and let a professional coach get you moving again – FAST!

Be a Mentor

Share your lessons learned with a peer by becoming a mentor, you can shorten their learning curve with your experience.